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Fernando Carrasco, S.A.


Fernando Carrasco, S.A.

, company founded and located in Barcelona, has more than 60 years of experience in the product rovision of Señalización Acústica y Luminosa y de Seguridad, and more recently, Señalización Vial, being distributing official in Spain of as excellent marks as EUROLENS, ITALFLASH, LA SONORA, TECNOALARM y WERMA, leaders in his sector in the European Market.

In our Web it is possible to be enjoyed an ample description of articles more representative than they compose our catalogue, as well as the possibility of making his order filling up our form. In a future he is contemplated to make purchases through the WEB Also can communicate with us by means of electronic mail to: fcarrasco@fcarrasco.es.

The first objective of Fernando Carrasco, S.A. is to show the highest quality in each one of its manifestations in the Market, doing it possible thanks to the collaboration of its Clients and Distributors.

A team of 13 people, secundados by a commercial organization of 18 Agents, works in the departments of Administration, Warehouse, Commercial, Foreign and Technical Quality, with illusion and persistence in the service to our Clients and to the Market.

At the moment the companies are in a very competitive market, as much in the European scope as world-wide. Century XXI implies the evident necessity to take refuge in the modernization, the change of the management systems and the integration of the people in a common objective.

With these perspectives, Fernando Carrasco, S.A. is a company that has the restlessness to consolidate its situation, as much to short as in the long term, being based on the professionalism and the effectiveness of our Organization.

Fernando Carrasco, S.A.

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